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Kaiser Logistics

All of our customers receive VIP transportation and logistics services at a competitive price. An extensive network of freight carriers and shipping services companies ensures you get the best options to handle the forward and reverse flow and storage of your goods. Every trucking company and every service provider we work with go the extra mile to ease all processes involved in carrying your loads from the point of origin until the cargo reaches its final destination. We understand your shipping needs. And as freight broker & logistics services provider, we will deliver.

Why Kaiser Logistics? Experience and knowledge set us apart. Local and global importers, exporters and manufacturers need to be offered wide-ranging solutions in moving their cargo. Our expertise and know- how as freight broker & logistics services provider will deliver.

We are driven by the necessity of offering wide-ranging solutions to local & global importers, exporters and manufacturers in moving their cargo, as we understand how challenging moving shipments by air, ocean or ground can be.


The mission of our organization is first to satisfy, even to surpass, effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly the expectations of our clients, within the framework of comprehensive service. To accomplish that, we have at their disposal highly trained human resources and even higher quality service standards. Secondly, we seek to avoid, through contingency plans, problems that may affect their interests. Likewise, we strive for accompanying our clients along the way with an amicable approach. Last but not least, we pursue favoring our community and contributing to the wellbeing of the country.


We intend to become the most valuable trading partner for our customers, being a solvent, profitable company with a diversified portfolio of clients, and a national and an international leader in the cargo business.


• To match the right cargo with the right carriers.
• To ease the shipping process in terms of finding authorized and reliable transportation carriers to the shippers.
• To negotiate rates between the shipper and the carrier so that both parties reach a fair deal .
• To help customers reduce transportation costs both inbound and outbound.
• To provide customers with a wide array of cargo solutions.
• To ensure visibility and traceability from pickup to delivery.
• To provide a VIP customer service experience


These are some of the values that define our organization: honesty, responsibility, punctuality, kindness, determination, assertiveness, integrity, loyalty professional and personal commitment, efficiency, flexibility and innovation. They come from an unwavering family tradition, and they – among others – guide our behavior and our decisions.